Solaris body lotion

The multifunctional composition of a body lotion Solaris helps rejuvenate extra-dry skin with deeply penetrating, nutrient-rich moisturizers, giving you soft, healthy, youthful looking skin.* It protects the skin from the sun's radiation, reduces the appearance of scar tissue and beautifies skin texture.
Solaris contains the Dead Sea bio-antioxidants the effectiveness of which is enhanced by the addition of aromatic oils and phyto- nutrients.
This new product employs a combination of compounds that has never been available before: the Dead Sea Bio-Organic Mineral Complex and Avocado Oil, that has been shown to possess properties that may help protect skin against free radicals.
Directions: To achieve best results with this product, apply a small amount twice daily.



Beauty mask for face

If you care about looking your best, you know about the benefits of gentle, effective daily cleansing of your skin. What you may not know is that deep cleansing several times a week can dissolve hard-to-reach impurities that may be diminishing your skin´s naturally healthy radiance.*
Beauty Mask for Face is a unique deep-cleansing method created to reveal the inner beauty of your skin!
Dr. Nona formula is a combination of super quality nutrients, gentle cleansers, soothing extracts, and free radical neutralizers. At its core is mineral rich water from the Dead Sea, the Earth´s most nourishing source of hydration and rejuvenation. Naturally gentle Chamomile cleanses thoroughly without drying. Extracts of Aloe and Seaweed soothe and smooth fine lines.* Essential oils of Honeysuckle, Lavender, Carrot, Jojoba, Orange, and Almond provide deep moisturizing and the calming pleasures of aromatherapy. Another ingredient, Vitamin E, defends against tissue-damaging free radicals while actively nourishing the skin.

Directions: Apply Beauty Mask for Face 2-3 times a week for the amount of time your skin requires:
Dry: 1-2 minutes.
Normal: 4-5 minutes.
Combination: 3-4 minutes.
Oily: 6-7 minutes.
To help avoid contact with your delicate eye area, apply a thin layer of Dr.Nona Eye Contour Balm around your eyes before using Beauty Mask for Face. Rinse with slightly warm water and pat gently to dry.



Daily mineral hair conditioner

After shampooing your hair and scalp with Dr. Nona Frequent Use Tonic Shampoo, it is very important to protect it from natures elements such as the sun, wind, and pollution. Protection begins by using Dr. Nona Hair Conditioner. This wonderful conditioner is the perfect accent to the revitalizing lather of Frequent Use Tonic Shampoo. Developed using the Bio-Organic Mineral Complex, it's deliciously nutritious for your hair and body. The nutrients penetrate the hair shaft to invigorate the follicles and protect them from being damaged.
Directions: Use Daily Mineral Hair Conditioner every time you shampoo to invigorate your hair. You'll love the luster, manageability, and healthy softness of your hair.



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Frequent use shampoo

Stress. Your body feels it when a situation becomes overwhelming. But your hair is much more sensitive. A relaxing afternoon on a sunny beach or in a sun-filled garden stresses your hair. So does the frequent use of blow dryers and curling irons, as well as harsh shampoos, chemicals and dyes.
Dr. Nona Frequent Use Tonic Shampoo is a revolutionary formula that nourishes and gently cleans your hair while it revitalizes your body. The secret? Our unique Bio-Organic Mineral Complex developed by Dr. Nona and a team of scientists at her Lenom clinic. It´s full of rich nutrients, essential minerals, and vibrant life force found in the Dead Sea. As you lather up your hair and scalp, these beneficial elements revitalize your stressed areas, while enriching and nourishing your hair and scalp. Frequent Use Tonic Shampoo is also available in 2 deliciously aromatic fruit formulas, Avocado and Peach. Avocado is an awesome source of potassium, the mineral credited with balancing your body's electrolytes, and improving energy metabolism. Peaches are juicy with antioxidants, the warrior against free radicals.
Frequent Use Tonic Shampoo is gentle enough for every day use, even on chemically treated and colored hair. Use it every day and you can literally wash that stress right out of your hair! Combine with Dr.Nona Avocado or Peach Hair Conditioner for a complete experience!  



Dynamic Hydrating cream

Your body is made up of 75% water, on a planet that's just as liquid. So why does your skin feel so dry? The environment, sun, stress, skin conditions, and aging all contribute to moisture loss. Fortunately, there is an effective way to stem the tide every day.
Dynamic Hydrating Cream is a combination of some of the most emollient and soothing elements on Earth. Together, these wonderful properties help eliminate fine lines, fight free radicals, soothe irritations, firm, smooth, and maintain healthy-looking skin. The Dr. Nona product line originates with her unique Bio-Organic Mineral Complex formula, which is rich in minerals, oxygen and nutrients from the Dead Sea, one of the most vital and fertile areas on Earth. For centuries, the Dead Sea has been a destination for those seeking a unique combination of restorative and rejuvenating benefits. To this unique base, Dr. Nona adds the protection of Salicylic acid, the nutrients of Vitamins C and E, the soothing qualities of Chamomile, Aloe and Lilies, and the sheer pleasure of aromatic oils.
Directions: Use Dynamic Hydrating Cream morning and night, and you will see a noticeable improvement in the radiance of your skin as well as the diminishing of your fine lines and wrinkles.

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