itlqrd7cWhy do we choose Dr Nona products?

  • Dr. Nona products are designed for a wide range of users: from infants to the most wise longevity.
  • Dr. Nona products are made only from natural ingredients and has no artificial preservatives, or parabens, does not include animal derivatives, and have never been tested on animals. The capsules are made from vegetable materials and the packaging can be recycled.
  • Only Dr. Nona products have in their composition Bio Organic Mineral Complex and Autotrophic system* (know-how).
  • All of the products nourish healthy cells and restore the diseased cells.
  • Our products are a powerful protective prophylactic agent against cancer and may also be used for the complementary treatment of cancer patients.
  • High activity of Dr. Nona products entails a high cost to achieve results.
  • All products of Dr. Nona International Ltd. have a unique composition and have the highest quality. They have been checked and approved by the Ministry of Health of the State of Israel, Russia, the United States. Full list of countries. The company’s products Dr. Nona International Ltd. was presented already by 6 international scientific-practical conferences on the experience and results.

ATS-Autotrophic System*

Autotrophic System – is another original design of «Dr.Nona» company. Bio Organic Mineral Complex is one of it’s ingredients.At the heart of life of any living organism are proteins that are composed of amino acids. Some amino acids are essential, and they can only be received from outside sources. A person will loose up to 3 grams of amino acids during the day. These losses need to be filled, otherwise the processes of self-renewal of cells and tissue structures will be disrupted.
ATS – prevents irreversible changes of proteins, even in cases of damage to cell membranes and preserves the structure of amino acids, then they are in finished form used in metabolism.
ATS – will adjust the rate of metabolism in the cells at the expense of nutrients and the suppressed rate of received disabled and toxic compounds.
Preserving cellular exchange, ATS creates the conditions for adequate nutrition and reproduction of cells. The principle of ATS  is that the useful components from the dead cells undergo bio-activation and may be used by the body repeatedly, in the process of feeding live cells protein components.
Thus, the dead cells become a source of material for restoration of metabolic proteins and amino acids at the expense of its resources to “secondary” raw materials